The National
Defence Promotion

The National
Defence Promotion

The Foundation supports the improvement of the training and IT equipment of the Estonian Defence Forces and the Defence League, raising the level of general and management education, recognition of outstanding servicemen and women and Defence League members, and the provision of versatile medical and humanitarian assistance.

About the initiative

On 24.02.2022, together with the Estonian Reserve Officers’ Association, The Estonian National Defence Promotion Foundation launched a charitable donation campaign to support the purchase and sending of various medical equipment to the battlefield. Providing medical support to people wounded in combat is one area in which we can directly assist Ukraine in mitigating the ongoing humanitarian crisis on the ground.

Our partners are mainly the local chambers of commerce in Ukraine, through which we can be sure that the aid will reach where it is most needed.

“Estonians have always been and will continue to be friends of Ukraine, and the support we can offer by providing treatment to the wounded is invaluable to both the individual and the whole nation, especially in times of war. The support of Estonians also sends a clear message to the aggressor, who must take into account that countries with a common history stand strongly together and their desire to be free cannot be broken,” said Toomas Luman, Chairman of the Board of the National Defence Promotion Foundation and Chairman of the Board of the Chamber of Commerce, and called for support for the charity campaign.

“By supporting the treatment of wounded in Ukraine in Estonia and in allied countries, we can offer immediate support that has a strong moral and direct impact on the Ukrainians who have been injured in the war. Through the charity campaign, each of us can contribute to supporting the people of Ukraine at this difficult time,”said Kalle Laanet, the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Estonia in 2022, and invited people to participate in the charity campaign.

Chairman of the Estonian Reserve Officers’ Assembly Villu ├Ľun said: “Estonian reserve officers call on reservists and all Estonian people to support Ukrainian soldiers who are shedding blood for their fatherland, freedom and a decent world. It is dear to us, and that is why our thoughts and hearts are with them. We believe that you feel much stronger on the battlefield when you know that the injured are taken care of and supported by thousands of distant friends. This is the courage we can give to these brave people.”


To ensure that the funds donated to the Foundation for the Promotion of National Defence are used purposefully and transparently, we adhere to clear principles:

  1. The Foundation for the Promotion of National Defence does not provide financial support to Ukrainian partners; instead, we seek, procure, and deliver equipment and humanitarian aid that is genuinely needed and requested in the war zone. We also validate the necessity of the aid sent with Estonian authorities; where possible, we prefer to provide medical and personal protective support.
  2. Our partners in Ukraine, mainly the regional chambers of commerce, are responsible for mapping out needs, local logistics, and their own accounting, and bear their costs themselves.
  3. For all external requests, we consult with partners to assess their reliability and any associated risks.
  4. Most of the humanitarian aid is delivered independently to the Poland-Ukraine border, ensuring the correctness of accompanying documents and mitigating logistical risks.
  5. During donation campaigns, the foundation does not transport strategic or military goods to Ukraine.
  6. The costs for transportation of shipments and campaign advertising are covered from donations, which, in the second year of operation, have amounted to approximately 3.9% of the total donations.
  7. We have joined with the Good Practices of Fundraising initiative.
  8. The foundation’s annual financial statements are audited and can be found in the business register.


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The National Defence Promotion Foundation, the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Ministry of Defence and the Estonian Reserve Officers’ Association thank all the organisations and persons who are technically assisting in carrying out the donation campaign.