The National
Defence Promotion

The National
Defence Promotion

The Foundation supports the improvement of the training and IT equipment of the Estonian Defence Forces and the Defence League, raising the level of general and management education, recognition of outstanding servicemen and women and Defence League members, and the provision of versatile medical and humanitarian assistance.

Support the provision of medical care to the injured in Ukraine

On 24.02.2022, together with the Estonian Reserve Officers’ Association, Estonian National Defence Estonia launched a charitable donation campaign to support the purchase and sending of various equipment to the battlefield.

As of 12th of May, €4 461 602,23, have been raised to support Ukraine.

54 500+

tactical first aid kits for Ukrainian servicemen and women


for medicines to Ukrainian hospitals

250 000€ +

various medical devices

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How to donate

Directly with a link

Bank transfer to a special-purpose account

Beneficiary’s name:


Payment description:
Support for Ukraine

You can also call the following numbers

By calling 900 1380 you donate 10 €
By calling 900 2380 you donate 25 €
By calling 900 3380 you donate 50 €

(Donating by calling only works with local carriers in Estonia)

Legal entities should indicate “support for Ukraine” in the bank transfer explanatory field. Estonian law enables to make tax-free donations to Ukraine through the National Defence Promotion Foundation in order to create better opportunities to help the people of Ukraine during the war. The law provides for an exemption until the end of 2025. Therefore, the limits need not be taken into account when making a donation to the Foundation.

Natural persons should indicate “support to Ukraine” in the bank transfer explanatory field and the Tax Board will refund the income tax on all named donations if the donor has requested it. For this purpose, donors are always asked to include the donor’s personal identification code in the bank transfer explanation.

Donations can be made by bank transfer via Maksekeskus AS. Privacy Policy

About the initiative

The campaign raises funds to support the purchase and sending of various medical equipment to the battlefield. Providing medical support to people wounded in combat is one area in which we can directly assist Ukraine in mitigating the ongoing humanitarian crisis on the ground.